Early End

Added on by John Sturr.

Yesterdays limiting on Halibut meant some extra time for some stream fishing. This I didn't mention in yesterday's post. Although the rains are keeping the rivers high it was worth checking out the Buckskin just a few minutes drive from the house (correction Buskin).

Today we fished the same area and limited out on Halibut but there weren't any whoopers - 34 Cod were in the count also - it was a good day although the weather forced us to pull lines as a storm was kicking up the rollers. And, when the skipper says to pull the lines - you pull lines as if you don't make the point - you don't get home - theres your sign!!

See the pics - it's a mixture of a bunch of happenings and I can't force the order when I post so they are all over the place. Some of yesterday's stream and I just couldn't resist the ones of my Irish Lord from today - it has a really big mouth !!

As an update - yesterday's haul netted 123lbs of cleaned packaged fish, the day before 15lbs - and hopefully today's is somewhere above 100lbs. The packager is charging $1.50 a pound net.
In the last two days we burned through 70 gallons of gas - the first pics are of the fuel dock as we refueled this morning - well, Roger refueled and we met him and Bill there to board.

It was a good day - a bit chilly and rainy but a good day.
We also saw some whales - Puffins - and Sea Otters - so cool!!