Added on by John Sturr.


Today's forecast was up in the air - it rained past 2am and winds were strong through the night. It was good we pulled up early, as the rain started and didn't stop.

This morning at breakfast we discussed how we were probably in for more of the same - not so. Entering the mooring the winds were calm - and our catch of herring was really pleasant as there was no wind - hmmm.

As we left the harbor and made the corner to the same area as yesterday the ocean was - like glass - no wind. It was going to be a good day.

The pin in the lower right is the harbor, and the pin in the upper left is our area of fishing for then last three days, on the map image.

The fish hit hard and if not for what is thought to be a shark - biting two lines and taking baits on the sea bottom - it would have been non stop - but it picked up again after the shark left. Halibut and cod filled the boat. We pulled lines at around 1pm to move.

The fog became thick as we motored toward port - and stopped in between to catch some Rockfish and Ron hooked into a Lin Cod - the photo with the big teeth. Rockfish are like a purple-black small mouth bass -- but bigger.. The Lin Cod look prehistoric with red teethed mouths - Very strange these sea fish.

Lines were pulled at 4pm as we hit our limit of 20 Rockfish - 20 Halibut - 42 Cod - and 2 Lin Cod.

The skipper filleted a Halibut on the back deck on the fly of the return trip and filled out the State forms of the catch in the cabin.

At the fish processing dock the report from yesterdays net was 115 pounds - so the running total is approaching 260 - not including today's catch and that should be at least 100. We may be around 500 lbs when we leave on Sunday.