Last Day

Added on by John Sturr.

No wind and a new area this morning about 5 miles out. It was chilly and a bit foggy at first but cleared up as we headed out.

The action was slow at first but a half hour into it Ryan brought up an 80lb 'er and get this - the skipper pulled out a harpoon to land the fish - go figure - it was a sight. An hour later - I pulled up one similar.

Yes - you jab the fish with the Harpoon and the tip of the dart comes off while attached to a rope - meanwhile the fish goes crazy as you and another guy haul the thing over the side into the boat. We were 200 feet deep with 2lbs of weight.

We pulled lines at 230 and took some pictures at the meat packer. Yesterday we netted 125lbs and today should be over a 100lb - over all we should have 460lbs of fish - at 50lbs a packed box that means 9 boxes to ship home with our checked baggage.

We leave tomorrow - and this is Rooster's last year as we know it. The house is sold but he may be back next year for day charters. He will no longer be boarding his guests.