No Tip

Added on by John Sturr.

The day started the same as yesterday - with no idea what the conditions were on the water - just a weather report and heresy.

Breakfast at 7am and to the dock at 730 - same drill but a bit easier as I knew what to expect.

The low pressure was moving on but on the back side was still creating some crazy wind and waves, evident as we left the harbor. The captains original plan was scrapped when we started hitting 10 foot rollers. Turning to the North we made a 5 mile run for some coved areas and anchored by about 930.

It was an unknown for Roger - and as it turned, out adversity brought success, as we pulled in 400 lbs of fish in a little over 4 hours with Ryan hitting it big with an approximate 80 lb Halibut. In the mix was some Cod also - a prized catch per the crew. Cod had no limit and we limited out on Halibut.

And for the Blue ribbon winner in the crowd - here's your photos :)