Holgamods 612 Pan

Added on by John Sturr.


I’ve been off the net for a while.  Last weekend, always an emotional event (see my March 28th post, been there done that), and i picked up a new camera and that had my attention also.  

Since shooting film I’ve been fascinated with going with a bigger negative.  But - with that comes economies of scale and I haven’t wanted to quite approach that subject.  Instead I decided to pursue staying with 120 - and that means going wider.

Enter the Holga Holgamod 612 Pan.  Developed by Randy Smith of www.holgamods.com - he takes a HolgaPan and mounts a large format 90mm f6.8 lens and all you have a stunning capable panoramic camera shooting a 6cm x 12cm negative.  

Here’s a test image - on Ilford HP5+ @f32 - and a video I put together of the camera.