March 28 - 2006

Added on by John Sturr.

I'm in truck 1 today as a scout - we prepped for our Habinaya mission at 0800 and proceeded to leave the IZ -- when our truck get's t-boned by a civilian force protection team in a traffic circle in the IZ. 

Just bangs and bruises -- the truck is totalled.

The frame was bent so much the driver side passenger door flew open and ejected SSG Cameron.  I was on the passenger side back seat and took the brunt of the impact.  All are fine, just banged up.

We switched trucks --- and proceeded on with the mission to escort 1star Bolger - a 6'4" thin faced 60'ish cold hearted bastard.

After leaving the Fallugia area on approach to Habinaya -- about 1hr20min trip -- truck 3 takes an IED blast.. all is well.. no injuries and we drive on and deliver Gen. Bolger.

We travel to return at 1430ish from Habinaya... in the same area -- the same area... truck two takes a blast full force on the drivers side.  Rear drivers side door blown off, rear passenger ejected, bolth legs in shreds below the knee.  We used a poncho to carry him from his impact site about 40 yards off the road to the road. Turniquets on both legs below the knee. 

The medic was God today -- Medivac unavailable -- no air at Fallugia -- no stable comms from our position -- Blue Force Tracker in use but not much help --- no cell reception. 

Gunner may lose a leg -- driver takes shrap to back and should make a full recovery - TC has hole in cheek and may have piecies loged in skull somewhere.

One gun truck and Gen.Bolgers truck make trip back to Habinaya on their own for QRF and Ambulance!!  Site is secured at 1615 -- wrecker arrives to recover humvee and we move out at 1700 - and arrive at IZ at 1830.

Ejected SSG Hernandez dies enroute.

SSG Hallberg (gunner) may loose a leg and is enroute to Germany

SGT Wilkerson TC - is critical to some extent as they access -- don't know where he is at (hospital)

SSG Bell (driver) shrapmetal to back - should make full recover - don't know where he is at (hospital)

We don't mark our contacts on blue force because we don't run secure -- that's why you don't see any of our stuff reported.

Jesus -- man.....

Everyone is in shock - after all of these months we are at war in an instant.

Everytime we travel to Habanaiya we get hit -- all because a 1 star doesnt' like to fly... hopefully that will change..