Nikon 1 V1

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Nikon 1 V1

Nikon 1 V1

At first notice - the camera is a chunk -- and with the Fotodiox grip it becomes more of a chunk.  The grip provides some body protection - I like that, and I like the grip.

I wish I had a hood for the 10-30 - it needs a hood, or a filter…. and I would rather have a hood.  All I have is the 10-30.  This is a kit from Cameta - Factory Refurb.  It looks like a straight return with a white box and a zeroed out shutter.  There is also a press tape label on the battery charger - so it may have been a review unit.


AF was good - I was expecting a lot though - coming from all of the reviews - something short of a miracle AF machine - once I backed off my expectation and started shooting it like my D3s - I came back earth.  I had some miss focused shots, as most were shot either waist high or something other than thru the viewfinder.  I'm still shooting like this it is an NEX-7 with the flip out screen.  I need to use the viewfinder more.  The auto AF is something to get used too -- sometimes it does what I want -- and sometimes not.  Can I be specific no -- it just doesn't grab the pure subject in the scene.


The grain is wonderful - the colors are wonderful -- I basically don't have to do any post -- with the 7 I had to work my magic about 90% of the time - Always.  I'm also excited to shoot this as Monochrome.  This result is what brought me back to the way of Nikon - everything is just as it should be -- and not in between.

These are processed in LR - as it is convenient.  If i'm going to print I'll bring them into LR and then process to TIFF in ViewNX.  I really like that extra push from the OEM side of the house.

So -- all in all - I'm pretty happy -- I still have to figure out the best AF, as I'm not really satisfied with the camera driving the system - but when I hit the shutter - it fires - and that's damn cool.

Oh -- I can see myself getting the 18.5 f1.8 - for sure.  I'm really fatigued of the variable aperture lenses - and on that note - I really need to get used the "Rocker" -- as the aperture doesn't much stay pegged at wide open -- it stays somewhere in between