DVI vs. HDMI - whoa.

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Every once in a while -- ok most of the time I think I've got it figured out.  I read the reviews, look at the boards - Google what I'm looking to find -- and I think I've got it.

Until I get my trash kicked…

Before Christmas I bought a MacMini -- cool - then hooked up the Dell 2408wfp and the colors were off.  Eventually I got the Spyder 3 pro working - calibrated both on the Apple side, and the Dell side.  Then I researched what others were doing - and adjusted by hand the R, G, B values - and eventually blogged about these adventures - and I considered all of my efforts a success.

But - there was still this tinge of overall green, and highlights here overly blown.  Humph.

**cut to the chase**  HDMI

So -- then I remember someone writing - ditch the HDMI and go DVI.  Whatever I thought.

I've been wracking my capacities for the last two weeks -- the colors have been giving me fits.  Out of desperation  I took heed - and dug out the DVI cable buried in the original box in our storage.  And as it turns out - that DVI to HDMI adapter, of which Apple kindly provides, is no small order to ignore.

Good GOD man !  - problems solved.

Adapt the DVI - plug it in - and miraculously I get a MAC colorspace selection - and some other stuff I haven't seen before -- and the dreaded HUE selection is missing -- thank you Jesus.

**long story longer**

HDMI sucks - DVI Better, and all is well - for now.  Just thought I would share.