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I Miss Live View !

There -- I said it.  Am I less of a pro ?  Do pro's only shoot through a view finder ?

Last week I sent in the Nex-7 for repair.  The rubber hand grip was peeling from the body and since the one year warranty is about to expire I wanted to get it into the shop for a free repair.

It's going on a week - and I miss it.  I've had to re-acquaint myself with the D3s.  A body I typically only use on a tripod when shooting paid work.  I love the D3s - it has taken me to new heights of product delivery and allowed me to rise above the crowd.  The Autofocus engine nails it all the time, every time.  When that focus point intersects the subject and the shutter is pressed - boom, done, in the can.  

But with the D3s- I can really only shoot thru the viewfinder.  I never realized how much I like shoot from the hip, as I've been doing with the Nex-7.  I've used Live View on the D3s a few times but the focus just isn't the same and the screen doesn't articulate.

Everyday I shoot with my iPhone -- where that screen is basically live view.  I'm used to it.  And as some say - "I need a viewfinder on my camera" - I say - I would prefer a touch screen with live view and no viewfinder.

Yet - a piece of hardware is just that.  A means to making a picture.

The Sony will be in my hands tomorrow.

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