Violet - the Cover Girl

Added on by John Sturr.

Much to the surprise of the cat - Violet - I practice my photo techniques, which, as sometimes luck would have it, turn into skills.  Go figure.

If the light is right - and the cat is in that light - key point - I break out the camera and see what happens.  Of those times - most of them are junked - but a few make it past the editor (me).  I'm sure Violet would like some say - but Meow just doesn't cut it anymore.

So -- what am I getting at - well… Violet made the cover of Pets in the City Magazine - and its cool.  The shot is about 2 years old - with the nifty 50mm.  She was on the floor as I was over her, her eyes are tack sharp - and we both got lucky.   Good times.