NYC Bike

Added on by John Sturr.

I just got back from NYC -- and there are two, make that three, types of bikes...

1 - The fancy ones, which you know exist - but you never see anyone riding.  The BMC's - Trek's - anything carbon fiber.  Those who are on EPO, PO, E...

2 - The ones you see chained up to something (see pic) - where the paint is rubbed off exposing the aluminum, and steel - sometimes covered in a vinyl type to protect the tubes etc.. most of these are ten year old frames.  There is usually something on the bike which tells you there is a passionate rider - some nicer components - cool seat - a sticker.

3 - The ones you see chained up to something - but abandoned, for ever -- with locks and chains which would need the jaws of life to break - frequently the rims are taco'd and the chains are completely rusted.  No signs of life what so ever.