Added on by John Sturr.

I discovered the Pilot Hi-Tec-C a few years ago from a co-worker and have since
been purchasing them on Ebay from a Hong Kong Seller as they are not available
in the U.S. - go figure - WuBear is the Ebay seller.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a blogger the PenAddict and I've noted his
favorite pens and papers - it's a great site and he also links to other reviewers
of other pens and papers and journals.

I'm not too much of a pen geek - but I do like fine and unusual things and on that
list are writing instruments, watches, etc - and thru the PenAddict I found the
Zebra Sharbo X Multi Pen - it retails for $45.00 and is only available at www.jetpens.com.

It seems that JetPens is the only seller that has it -- which I find unusual.

LT3 addition in Black with a chrome clip - not a big fan of the chrome clip - .5 black
and .5 red pens and a .5 in the pencil.  I wouldn't go thinner than .5 for the pens
as they are right on the edge of being too scratchy on papers.  Although much of this
depends upon what papers are being used.

The LT3 is the only one in the Sharbo X series which is all metal - something which is
confusing to pick up on - I had to read the reviews on JetPens.  The ST3 has plastic

I would like to see Zebra make the barrel a bit knurled for a better grip and this would
separate it from the typical pen crowd.

Pros - there is nothing else on the market like it - very well made all metal construction
Multi Pen

Cons - expensive - refills are exclusive - refills are small - slippery to the grip