Added on by John Sturr.

Pete Stott of www.stottphotography presented his Screen to Print match color work
flow the other night at a SmugMug even held at the Utah County Studio Co-Op sponsored
by the Utah County SmugMug User Group,

I can't say enough about SmugMug - I've been a pro user for about 2 years and it's some
great photo hosting - not only for the price but for the magic Mojo they provide your
portfolio.  It just looks great - the interface is clean - you have total control
over interaction - right click copy protection and they are constantly updating with
new services and functionality.  Check them out at

And -- they sponsor great groups like this -- where people come together and share
ideas, techniques, workflows and meet eachother -- thanks to Scott Jarvie at
for starting this up.

Color theory is no joke - and once you dive in there is usually no one to get help

from - I've even emailed the famous Vincent Versace for help with my Epson R2880
when I first started making prints with my new printer.

Stott described the whole process -- from shooting with an X-rite Color Checker Passport
to using their Color Munki Photo  to calibrate the screen and get ready for the print process. 

Although the presentation was "Sans" a printer I'm sure everyone came away with the idea the output would match.

I use the DataColor system - the Spyder3Elite and although I've been happy with it - Stott
has me thinking of jumping ship as the X-rite system seems much more integrated and easier to manage.

One more tip I've found - if when you print and your prints are too dark -- well it's a luminence "Briteness" issue on your monitor.  Make that adjustment - which may take you multipe tries and multiple prints.  That alone took me weeks to figure out ... as it took me forever to put together
Luminence equaled Brightness... for the love.