Added on by John Sturr.

There are times when I want to take my gear - and there are times when I do.  It's a difficlut balence as becoming self absorbed can be off-putting to some and anoying.  I become very self concious and then sometimes stay in the shadows when I shoot.

Thursday we received some snow the night before and with the days foreceast of clear skys I thought It may be good to breing the gear on the way to work.  Since the goal was to get to work - well - that doesn't leave much time to become self absorbed.

85mm f1.4 D - personally prized for its color rendering - the focus is hit or miss depending upon if the target is moving or not as it's a screw driven lens of 90's design.  It has just been replaced by a new AFs version.  Yet it still keeps up when the planets align - my sharpest lens - and f1.4 to boot.

Aperture priority - with single point focus - f2.8 @ 1/100 - D3s
Developed in LRoom using x-equals Kodak Elite Chrome LRoom preset.  You will hear it over and over, and this is un-endorsed, but I can't say enough about what these guys out of Chicago are doing for the pre-set world.