As of Late...

Added on by John Sturr.

I haven’t been posting as of late.  There is no particular reason - except for distractions - laziness - and lack of discipline.  Life has been fun and we’ve been doing “other stuff”.

This week Nikon announced the sunset of the “1” series cameras.  A system of which very few recognized and took advantage of.  I realized its potential and it served me really well.  I shot the hell out of it - and I shot a lot of stuff with this system.  It’s small, lightweight, and crazy capable - and the product it produces  was without peer.  The caveat for me was the small 1” sensor.  So - what did I do - in  November - I re-bought another Sony Nex-7, which has the APS-C sensor.  I’ve been using that system every since - with no regrets - the Nex-7 is still an amazing piece - even though it is a bit dated.

I sold the Nex-7 because I became frustrated with the color rendition - of which the 1 V1 overcame.  But - sensor size is just as - if not even more important - in the image game.  I now shoot the Nex-7 and work with around the limitations.

As of late - I need to develop and scan some more film in waiting.  The rolls are either #unshot - or - #inapile waiting to be processed.  Shame on me.

So - my story is this - I’ve been distracted by the discovery of fine pencils - and I need to focus on the film - ugh; no pun intended.

Nex-7 - sharpening applied - no processing - #ffkr #architects #desk #nex7 #nex-7 #sony

Nex-7 - sharpening applied - no processing - #ffkr #architects #desk #nex7 #nex-7 #sony