July 4th - 2005

Added on by John Sturr.

This is an interesting day for me — July 4th — as I was recalled to active Army duty this day in 2005, ten days after I was married.

I served in 2/75 Ranger, stationed in Ft. Lewis Washington from 1999-2002 - and ETS’d and finished my degree at Idaho State University.  

Upon graduation from ISU in 2005 I traveled home in May of that year and sitting on the kitchen table, was the “Letter in the Mail” — literally, “Go to War of Go to Jail”. 

I couldn’t believe it - my parents couldn’t believe it - and upon opening and reading the letter, I turned to my Dad and said - “Start pouring the Gin, because I’ve just been recalled to Active Duty.”  We all, were in shock - as this stuff never happens - well — it happened.  And July 4th I said my good byes - got on a plane and traveled to South Carolina, then Georgia, and finally Texas and then I landed in Baghdad on the weekend of Labor Day.

I spent 10.5 months with a Reserve unit where our Company name was the Rough Riders - carrying on the storied tradition of the original Rough Riders fame.  Yes — that is true.

We traveled in and around the Baghdad area in uparmored Humvee’s delivering people and or equipment.

South Carolina - July 5th 2005

South Carolina - July 5th 2005