a Sense of Order

Added on by John Sturr.

Whenever I'm looking I trie to See.  I try to build the frame in my mind and that is hit or miss and sometimes it comes easily and sometimes not at all.  Sometimes it's the weather, the mood, my mood, the people I'm with, or the needs of the dog when I'm walking her -- yadda, yadda, yadda..

Ok -- so you get the point -- sometimes it happens, and sometimes it just doesn't... no matter how hard you try.

But -- there are times when a scene just grabs you -- and that's when I have to get the shot.  And during those times if I don't get the shot then I become obsessed and really bummed I didn't make the image.

So -- here's what I'm getting at -- while walking the dog with my wife this scene caught my eye and I took it hand held on the Nikon F100 with 400 ASA Ilford.  And -- I love this image.  The whole lesson here is while your looking try to see - try to see the superimposed frame in front of you - and sometimes that comes easily, and some times - it just doesn't.

Nikon F100, Ilford Delta 400

Nikon F100, Ilford Delta 400