BW is unforgiving

Added on by John Sturr.

BW film or any film is always a bit of an event in discovering the result — and I guess that’s what keeps me coming back.

As I learned in my stats class years ago - there are some un-predictable parameters which don’t lend to a “sure thing” event.

I now see why, when those back in the day, shot film they were true artists of the time.  There was no preview - no chimping - no spray and pray.  A wedding photographer for hire had no choice but to get the shot - and I doubt any had “errors and omissions” insurance if they didn’t.  And if you didn’t get it - then - a world of hurt your had to face with the client.

The capture is the easiest - film selection defined your style - and predicting exposure with limited frames determined your profits.  And I haven’t even brought about the challenges of flash.

This is downtown SLC - a scene of the sun peaking during just the right time of the morning.  BW with this golden light is a challenge - where color becomes dramatic and a no brainer - BW is unforgiving.

Nikon F100 - Ilford XP2 C-41, 80-200mm f2.8 AF-s