Make it so.

Added on by John Sturr.

There is a difference between Digital and Film.  

  • Digital is freeing - liberating - no development cost - easy - instant - shoot all you want - all you can eat.
  • Film is constraining - concerning - costs more - unknown - difficult - non instant - takes  chemicals

Both aspects have their plusses - but man - the digital side sounds like Crack Cocaine - I'm being facetious of course.  Don't do drugs.

If you are shooting film - I’ll let you decide why you do it - as based upon what I just outlined, well; I make it sound like film is dead:  Hardly.

YashicaMat124G - Kodak Portra

Here’s what I’m getting at — this whole film thing is constraining me from shooting.   I feel like I need have to have some kind of special image to shoot - like waiting for the Queen of England to walk by the house or something.  I’m on the porch waiting; right now — as I type this…. just kidding, no really - I am !  

Ok -- never mind - I just missed the shot.

So my goal these last few months of Summer - is to burn some frames — go hog wild on the mundane - the simple;  Cracks on the concrete - street signs at head level - the sky - Lola the Bulldog letting one rip - a blurred selfie.

I need to shoot 1 frame a day.  Make it so.