the Accidentals

Added on by John Sturr.

I had a chance to see this up and coming band — “the Accidentals” here in SLC last month.  I also offered to photograph them as I just happen to have the gear to possibly get some good images.  My brother Mark who introduced me to them also put me in touch with their Manager.

In my off time - there are two genres I just love shooting - Bands and Sports.  

I had to bring the digi - D3s - but on a whim I also brought my F100 loaded with 400 HP5+ mounted to a 85mm f1.4.  The 1.4 was a given considering I only had 400 asa in the F100.

This is Savanna Buist accompanying the opening act - total improv on the spot fill.  So I took the opportunity of chance to burn some frames — and this is the best of the two.

It’s interesting how the BW takes the “Band” out of the band — and turns it into some kind of “Classical” looking image.  It doesn’t hurt that she is playing a classical looking instrument either.

This was taken cradel to grave - Shot, developed, and scanned in house.

It turned out well — and the band will be Grammy winning in about 5 years — you heard it hear first.  They are really something.  I can’t wait to hear their next album.

Nikon F100 - 85mm f1.4 - Ilford HP5+