Ilford Delta 3200

Added on by John Sturr.

I started the film quest with a lot of grain - Delta 3200.  It was an aesthetic to pursue which called me to explore for some reason.

Shot at 1600 and developed at 3200.  Everyone says this is the way to shoot it - which is what I did - but I haven't shot enough to know the difference.  3200 is their most expensive stock.

This DevScan is by "theFindLab" in Orem, UT.  Although expensive they are quickly becoming a premier lab - from my own experiences.  I don't know if they think the same thing but it seems I'm seeing more and more Instagram's of their work.

Shot on the Nikon F100 with the kit 24-120D.  I haven't quite figured out this lens for performance - but it sure is convenient to have the focal length.