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Nikon 1 V1 - 18.5mm, No Crop

It’s been a while since a last posted - long work hours and the monthly delay between registering for copyright and being able to display images are the choke points.

This image is from the office, of Steve Goodwin working on final project design adjustments.  As always the exercise is recognizing the scene and then capturing it with the Nikon 1 V1, 18.5 f1.8 - and then this was converted with NIK Silver Efex pro 2.  No crop.  I’m proud of this shot - it all came together.

And - by now - you may have noticed the watermark in the lower right.  This is a bit of an experiment in branding.  I’m not an Annie Leibovitz, Herb Ritts, or Hedrich Blessing, meaning - their careers are pretty much set - ok, so - two are dead, so maybe this wasn’t a good example.  But I think the point has been made.  When a photo is viewed — I want those to know who shot it.

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i blew the dust off the D3s a few weeks ago - hell I even had dead batteries, something which hasn’t happened since purchase in Nov. ’09.  I was gobsmacked - and maybe I shouldn’t have been as it just means I’m not very busy on the pro side.  As I only dig this out when I’m getting paid.  Tilt shift lenses have yet to make their presence on the small cameras - and when shooting architecture - the TS separates you from the crowd.

But back to the point — small sensor cameras are fun and all — but full frame with an 85mm f1.4 lens — at f1.4 and wow.  Just wow.  There is nothing like having the flexibility to control backgrounds with a few clicks of the aperture - and then having the sharpness to go along with it.  

I miss full frame - which reminds me that maybe I need to shoot the D3s more.

All systems have their advantages.

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Nikon needs to figure out what their business plan is going to be.

  • Are they going to sell cameras - then start producing some V3’s
  • Are they going to compete in the mirrorless market - then develop a full frame
  • Are they going to replace their CaptureNX - then make it happen
  • Nikon — how badly do you want it — how badly ?

The D3 series was a game-changer — so here’s the tip of the day - “hire those guys back to make something else”.

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Speaking of cameras — Sony is on a terror.  First the Nex series, of which I had the “7”, then the A7 full frame series and now the “s” with the crazy low light capable sensor - and now the A6000, which for $600+ you have crazy APS-c performance.  Read the reviews.

So — back to the point - Nikon, figure out what you want to be; Winner or Loser.