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I don’t know where the 1 series is going — for all I know it could be Nikon’s new D2h.  

When searching for a performance based system I reached for the Sony Nex-7 and once the honeymoon wore off I grew frustrated.  AF was slow - color rendition was great as long as you were outside in great light - shutterspeeds were somehow pegged at 1/60, it seemed all the time in when in Aperture Pri.  I guess I could have lived with everything except the color rendering and exposure.

I found myself reaching for it less and less.  Paris was the last time I seriously used it - so I sold it.

But — in the mean time - on a lark I bought the Nikon P330 Coolpix.  Canon’s products were rendering skin tones much too red and peachy.  And I fell in love - lens was crazy sharp, it shot raw, and the colors were rich and deep and recognizably all Nikon.  Hmm… I thought.

I wanted to get back into mirrorless, but funds were on the decline, Fuji wasn’t a contender as it was a slow system, lenses were getting great reports though, and i saw that the V1 system was getting better and better writeups.  The $300 refurb pricing helped also.

AF is lighting fast - whoa… crazy fast - silent shutter is really trick, I use it almost exclusively, and most importantly rendering and exposure is nailed and finally the raw BW convert is crazy black.

So where does that leave me — The Fuji XT1 is attractive - bigger sensor, but raw development seems a bit challenging, irregardless of that the fans tell me it is a non-issue with LR etc.  Sony’s A7 series is a bit too expensive and maybe needs to be tripod based for shooting and I just can’t see going m4/3 for some reason.  So that leads me back to where I’m at - because I really love the V1.

The D3s backfills the pro work - and in the next few weeks I’ll be picking up the 30-110mm, and the 6.7-13mm where I have the 18.5mm, 10-30mm, and the flash.

So that’s my story.

Nikon 1 V1 - 10-30mm

Nikon 1 V1 - 10-30mm