the Chickens

Added on by John Sturr.

At the time these were taken - mid October, I didn’t give them much thought - but I had the idea the complicated scenes “may” come out as something decent.  So I tromped out and took pictures of chickens in Twin Falls, Idaho; my Brother-in-Law’s place.

All were shot with the V1 and the 18.5mm (50mm equivalent) and most times I don’t second guess my lens choices and stay with one.  Most of the time it is for convenience, but then the convenience factor becomes a creative factor.  It is what it is.

Upon developing I used Nikon ViewNX, as the NX-d kept crashing and I didn’t need NX-d’s noise correction.  After cooking them out I brought them into LR-5 for the lens corrections.  Since these were all web - I pushed to .jpg vs. .tiff and cooked them out again in LR in order to watermark.

All corrections were in ViewNX and the color profile was a factory Vivid or Portrait with a boost in contrast - Sharpening is a bit powerful in ViewNX so I keep the slider at 2-4 depending on what the image can absorb and rarely do I go past 5.

It’s kindof a pain - but that’s the work flow.

The more I look at these the more I love them - the framing, the subject, the colors - not trying to toot my own horn here - but it’s taken me years to be able to view my own work and consider it viable as decent and something to share.  I maybe print one or two of these 13x19 on aluminum.



I guess the lesson learned here is being able to force the capture of the photo.  I had no intention of taking pics of chickens that day — none.  But I had the gear - and some how - I came away with some interesting images.