Ford and Chevy

Added on by John Sturr.

CES just finished up, and all the “big hitter” camera companies made some announcements.  And even I can’t help but get caught up in it all.  Nikon teased with the up coming D4s, Fuji offered the blacked out x100s and new lenses and Canon was in the mix also.

Zebco Cardinal 3 - Nikon P330

I bring this up because I get asked every once in a while, “what should I buy”, or “what’s a good camera” ?.  This is so difficult as the end result or goal is really important.

If you are in the market for a new camera or want to make it a go and get started take this into consideration.

  • Identify you budget - and try to stay with that number as much as possible.
  • Determine what MFG you want to identify with — and that could be because of style, accessories, expandability, or price.  For the most part - buying into a camera system is like the difference between “Ford and Chevy”.
  • Strive for photos which exhibit sharpness better than anyone else’s.  Understand what sharpness is and how to recognize it in a photo.  Learn how to chase, capture, and harness the sharpest photo possible above the limitations of your gear.
  • Every piece of gear has a sweet spot — find that - and be able to get back there over and over again.
  • Go to Flickr and look at the “Explorer” section - and look at it over and over.  Identify with the images you like.

I took this last photo with a $300 fixed lens point and shoot, Nikon P330.  The camera is amazing for what it is - but with many limitations.  With that thought, I normally can’t help myself and usually shoot thru those limitations and come up shorthanded.  This image as it turns out -- it was selected as one of Engineering News Record's Images of the year for 2013.  

My point -- get out and shoot -- irregardless of what you have for equipment.  Sure - many of us want the Porsche - but as it turns out, most of us only have the Ford or Chevy.

Nikon P330