Sensor or speed

Added on by John Sturr.

The V1 is allowing me to capture what was once a challenge - with the blazing fast AF. 

I can raise - recompose and shoot - done.  But I'm always looking over my shoulder for something with a possible bigger sensor. 

I am keeping an eye on the pulse of Sony and Fuji.   Sony for the sensor, and hopefully redesigned color rendering - and Fuji for a blazing fast update to their Xpro-1 - or soon to be "2".

Else -- I invest in the 6.7mm Nikon 1 zoom - and go with what I know.


Nikon 1 V1 - 18.5mm f1.8 ASA 200

Nikon 1 V1 - 18.5mm f1.8 ASA 200