V1 Street

Added on by John Sturr.

I took the train home today - an unusual event as I usually get a ride home or I'm on the bicycle.

Street shooting in Salt Lake is a bit of a challenge - population density is, well, not dense, and the city isn't that urban… ok - so it's hit or miss for street work.

The only way to get good - is to shoot - no matter what the genre, portrait, sports, street -- etc.

I knew I didn't want single point - so I switched to Area AF - and then I wanted constant focusing -- so I set that AFS -- but now as I check out that setting -- I should have set it to AFC.  I've already learned something.  Cool.

So - focusing on this thing is amazing -- it blows the Nex out of the water… this shot was at chest level, shot to my right 10-30mm as I was facing front.  I didn't want to attract attention and loose the scene.  I knew what I wanted to capture - but didn't know what I got - until after the shot.

Developed in Capture NX2 - Portrait with minimal contrast.  I'm finding that Portrait is more than Neutral but less than standard.

Nikon 1 V1 10-30mm

Nikon 1 V1 10-30mm