Distracted with the P330

Added on by John Sturr.

Lately I've been distracted with the Nikon P330 -- maybe I was smitten with the size - or the smooth square finish.  Today I needed the rez and versatility of the Nex-7 and I realize the error in my ways, of ignoring this piece.

When the 7 is on -- it is wow-ing.  It will be my heaving lifting travel setup - while I have the P330 in my front pocket.

I now have to ditch the early 80's 50m which I only shoot at 1.4 because I need the light -- else there is some ghosting and negative clarity inherently built it.  I need the new 50mm.

Nex, with 50mm Nikon, 30mm Sigma and P330.  Debating on including the 35mm Olympus shift.

And three 32gb cards.  Done.

Nex-7 with 18-55mm Kit - Lehi Utah

Nex-7 with 18-55mm Kit - Lehi Utah