Takashi Sushi

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Takashi, Nikon P330 f4.0 ISO 400

Takashi, Nikon P330 f4.0 ISO 400

Shot last night at Takashi Sushi (the best in SLC) - first with a Auto focus tracking - then when I missed the subject I went AF Manual.  I was missing the subject with the Auto setting.  Every time I learn a bit more - and getting your result is all about anticipating what Vincent Versace would call the "HairBall".

All of this is happening and I'm trying not to look too freakish by taking the same picture over and over -- I framed it up 3 times... and then I quit.  Too much compulsion and I didn't want the subject to get uncomfortable.  Reference Zoo Animal.

Critical focus is not at its most critical - but it still looks pretty good.  
Go with what you got at the end of the day.