Audio -- tame the beast

Added on by John Sturr.

Audio -- another learning curve

Good Audio is a beast - and either it's there - or it isn't - so I've decided to get a handle on it.  But - I don't have any decent Mics -- other than my RODE Video Mic.  I always thought it was a bit huge - so I started some research for either dedicated for the Olympus LS-7 or iPhone.

2013-03-16 18.52.36.jpg

I had the thought of a dedicated iPhone mic - and it seems RODE is the only one producing such --

The RODE SmartLav -- from what I've seen, it seems to be "ok", yet I'm not convinced - hit the youtube's - some are good and some are bad.

So - instead of a dedicated device I decided to get a decent regular LAV -- from Giant Squid Audio

He's a cottage business, but is off the charts for good bulletproof gear -- did I just say bulletproof -- oh, yeah... that's right -- his stereo lavs survived my tour in Baghdad.  But I digress... "they never got shot, for what it's worth"

This convinced me -

Then -- I decided to pull one of these - iphone mic adapter - no power needed... boom !

Why -- 'cuz I want to start pulling some good audio, either with iPhone or externally with my Oly LS-7 -- and then layering on video.

Now onward to homebrewaudio and to figure out Reaper.