Time Lapse - Update

Added on by John Sturr.

So -- in order to get the most visual impact of plant "growth" -- keep this in mind -- use a short interval - I eventually used a 2 min interval -- for 24 hours and compiled at 30 fps.  

I wish I could have increased the hourage, but that's the limit on this app in the conventional setting.  The default setting may have some more flexibility - but my brain was in knots trying to figure it out.

I would like to spend some more time on this -- but it's a bit of a dance to align everything - get the lighting - of which I would need more of - and of course time.  So - in that regard - I've decided to just enjoy the orchids for now.  But it's still a cool process.  Meaning - I can't compete with the pros and get what I really want - so I'll quit while I'm ahead.