Minox 'A'

Added on by John Sturr.

The ‘Minox A’ - this has been all over the world.  Purchased new in the mid 60’s, it was the first compact camera of its time - which was the reason for acquiring.  I used it in High-School when ordering film from the Rexall Drug was commonplace, but developing would require shipment to Germany.

Nikon P330 - Minox 'A'

Nikon P330 - Minox 'A'

It saw use in the hands of the Military during the Cold War, and it shot unauthorized images of the U.S. D.C. Mint during a tour when cameras weren’t allowed in the 70's.  Evidently nobody noticed.  I used it to take pictures of stuff around the house - like my motorcycle - when I was 16.

This was my Father’s - and now I have it hanging in my studio, from a push-pin on the wall.  The beaded chain is long lost - replaced with 550 cord.

It will most likely never have film push-pulled in it ever again.  Back in the ’60’s as today - I consider it an engineering marvel.