Nikon Df - follow up.

Added on by John Sturr.
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I can’t help but respond to the Nikon Df announcement of which I predicted would be met with complete distain.    

The body and lens are now real.  The launch was a complete failure because the ad campaign was 3 videos too long.  The perception was that the product was something more than what it actually was, where some of that was in the realm of the viewer - some of that was the campaign.

The camera itself is a total bust.  If the statement can be believed that Nikon spent 4 years on this is true - then I would characterize that as an embarrassment to the R&D team.  I’m going all out here — why - because I watched 6 videos of what was supposed to be a God Camera.  And the release was 1 year too late.  There is too much competition in the market place for anyone to care about this now - especially for 3 grand.

The other point - of which many have stated - the design is for the sake of “Retro” - and I agree.  The F3 was the F3 - the FM-2 was the FM-2 for good reason.  The D3 series is the D3 series.  If the intent was to make it look like a F3 - then make it look like an F3.  It hardly looks like an F3.  Really - it hardly does - this design is something else - I don’t know what it is really.  

I guess it’s a Df.

Nikon is better than this.  And where is the video.

I’m really bummed.