Added on by John Sturr.

This is not an award winning photo by any means - but the process of creating it becomes a compelling learning experience.  This composition is an everyday occurrence and being able to recognize value in an everyday experience is sometimes difficult.  The sun peaked in the morning - I saw how intense and golden it was on the SE, or right side of the image, and went out with the P330.  Since it shoots at f1.8 - I knew I wanted the drama of the depth of field the f1.8 could accommodate.  At the same time I wanted to fill the frame and the only way to that was with the Macro mode.

The whole time while shooting I learned to be conscious of the background, because I really had no control of that from my vantage point.  I had to pivot around the subject to get it acceptable.  That - in and of itself, is probably the best lesson in this exercise - and the reason of why I'm discussing it - and that is - Know your Background - that can make or break the image.

Post consisted of a convert to JPG from NRW - an X-Equals Fuji Superia 100 Curve Preset, sharpening, and a slight bump in noise reduction - all completed in LR5.

Nikon P330 - f1.8 - X-Equals Fuji Superia 100 Curve

Nikon P330 - f1.8 - X-Equals Fuji Superia 100 Curve