SmugMug Pricing

Added on by John Sturr.

So SmugMug has changed their pricing.

I have two reactions to this - the first, well - ok - it's their service, the second - maybe it is time to look at other options.

Also, the risk for SmugMug is interesting - and probably no risk for them at all.  

If in fact they are incurring increasing storage and bandwidth costs then a 100% price hike, even if there is a loss of 50% of their user base, would keep them at the same revenue stream.  And servers and bandwidth costs would be possibly cut in 1/2 also.  So they can't lose.  

Less users, increased price, same revenue, server side gets scrubbed and purged, and bandwidth side demand decreases substantially.  Done.

On to the others  -- Well -- I only use SmugMug for client proofing, on the business side.  I would assume that ZenFolio could easily handle this - but I'm so embedded with SmugMug, such, that the savings may not be worth the hassle.

And I really like the look of the SmugMug - so this is to be determined.

So - this price increase is a surprise, I'm hoping there is some increased development, and I hope the "uptime" improves, where the hosting seems to be getting slower… slooooower… slooooooower.