Nex-7 and Nikon PC-e

Added on by John Sturr.

A while back - after I purchased the Nex, I was geeked to get my Nikon lenses, adapted, on this body.  All went really well - until I tried to mount the 24mm PC-e Tilt Shift - and I was rudely awakened to the limitations.  I'm very glad I didn't really need this for a shoot, or bring it too a shoot - or I would have fallen flat on my face.

The PC-e's aperture control is electronically controlled - and that's the rub.  In order to set it - one needs to pre-set the aperture on a compatible Nikon and then bring that lens, over to the Nex mount.

It's a bit of a pain - but at least it is a work around -- in this video I describe the technique, where when I first tried to figure it out, I didn't have the desired results.