Nex-7 with PC-e

Added on by John Sturr.

I woke up really early and wanted to capture the new SLC District Courthouse going up - early for the Sun and early for the experience as I never shoot early morning. 

This was also an exercise to mount the Nikon PC-e on the Nex-7.  Adapted of course.  But this becomes a bit of trick though - as the PC-e has an electronically controlled diaphragm - go figure.  Yes -- the aperture is controlled electronically - so it needs to be set to your f-stop of choice on a compatible Nikon body - but the aperture once mounted to the adapted Nex-7, is non adjustable and that is the caveat.  Deal - locked in at f16.

So -- I set it up -- and this is what I got - 24mm on a cropped sensor - so the FOV is 35mm.

Nex-7 with adapted Nikon 24mm PC-e - developed with  X-equals  Kodak Gold 200 Xpro Tone

Nex-7 with adapted Nikon 24mm PC-e - developed with X-equals Kodak Gold 200 Xpro Tone