What makes the image ?

Added on by John Sturr.

What are the compelling factors of which make a photograph ? 

Is it the subject - scene - color - or is the framing, or lens used, or all in concert ?

Last week I shot a ribbon cutting.  I knew the constraints and the expectation - and the expecation was able to be satisfied - and I was almost ready to bag the gig.  The ribbon was cut - most people which were once densely packed were now spread, and really nothing was happening.  I decided to switch lenses and go wide. from the 85mm to the 17-35mm.  The remodeled floor tile design, of which I wanted to capture in some creative way, was staring in the face, but I was getting tired.

I had a thought.

Out of focus subjects have always interested me - as they almost draw you in upon viewing -  as if you try to re-focus the composition in your mind, but never really get there.  So I knew I wanted that - but before me the scene was developing very quickly.  D3s in hand - and the target was the blue tiled floor - f-stop was set at maybe f2.8 - I can't remember - upon looking at the exif - yes, it's f2.8.  I wanted the floor sharp, and everything else blown out.  Easy to do -- ASA was auto - and the D3s is a forgiving race horse - so no matter what, I knew I would be fine on the image.  The D3s is awesome in this regard - so right on - the only thing you need to nail is focus and it all falls into place.  The Nex has yet to figure that out, but I digress.

I composed - focused - and mind you - this is all happening in seconds - and in the distance there was a child, where there was an inkling of a thought that I may be able to capture the toddler in the background - but as everything was organically unfolding - it was a crap shoot.  

So I fired off 1 image - and below, is the winner of the night.  

The tile is in focus - the color is subdued with a nice blend and the toddler is compelling, as that's what they do.

Albion Middle School - Floor tile with Toddler

Albion Middle School - Floor tile with Toddler