My list before a shoot.

Added on by John Sturr.

I was asked what do I when I plan to go on a shoot.

Here are some thoughts.

  • Don't forget anything.
  • Shutter Release - extra batteries for flashes, and cordless releases.
  • Lens cloths and cleaners
  • Tripod, Head and Plate
  • Memory Cards
  • Camera and Battery - don't laugh, last year I went on vacation and I forgot the battery on the charger.
  • If you think of something the night before - don't count on remembering it the next morning - get off the couch and pack it - or set it aside.  I did that with my shutter release once and left it on my desk.
  • Have a dedicated bag for pro shoots - and don't take anything out of it - ever.  Everything is always there - and stays there.
  • Set your camera to base ASA - and get off Auto ASA.
  • I shoot everything on Manual - Set it and keep it there.
  • If going wide - check the main element for dust - those bulbous elements, when in the sun show everything - and dust on those is the worst to try to correct in post - almost impossible.
  • Hoods
  • Do a quick check for sensor dust - it's probably too late for a deep clean but a blow may be better than nothing.
  • Format your memory card.
  • Batteries at full charge.
  • Know where you are going and be sure others at the site know who you are.
  • Bring business cards - I was carded on site by a client to prove who I was.
  • Don't shoot when you are hungry
  • Compose and frame - and take a breath - look at the scene - and then shoot.  Slow down and notice the non-obvious.  Gum wrappers - distractions in the frame etc.
  • Make sure everything is correctly framed and square - if it can be fixed in camera - do it.
  • Be sure you are shooting RAW.
  • If you can - shoot to two memory cards at once.
  • Slow down -- slow down - slow down.
  • What you miss now - may not be able to be captured at another time.