Olympus Zuiko 35mm Shift

Added on by John Sturr.
It's all about the lenses - and recently I've come to realize that a good sensor is 1/2 or 1/3 the battle.  I cut my teeth on a D2h - where 4mp was fine for those proving a point and for those who knew better, moved on to the "X" series or something a more robust sensor.  But mated to great glass - that D2h would fool you if you cropped in the frame.  Those limits honed my skills - and always get it right in camera - I hate cropping in post and will leave that up to the Creative Director.

Months ago I wanted a Tilt-Shift - but what I wanted and what I could afford were too different things.  Searching the Net were two other options for a shifting lens.  Nikon's 28mm - which wasn't a great performer - and an Olympus Zuiko 35mm.  I could live without the Tilt -- and so settled to find a Zuiko.

The biggest hurdle was determining if there was any way to adapt the Zuiko to a Nikon - and sure enough - www.leitax.com makes a custom mount for the Nikon F.

I ebayed the Zuiko - a bit of a bad experience because I had to get it repaired/adjusted.  The seller was accommodating - but I did all of the leg work - and then I ordered the Leitax mount.

Once it was all said and done - it works great, and it is probably a 30 year old lens to boot.

I've since purchased Nikon's 24mm PC-e Tilt Shift - and with this Zuiko, 35mm FOV I have another option when 24mm is too wide.

A few weeks ago - I used it for the first time on a job (see image) - and the shot ended up being one of my selects.  When framed in camera - the view of it being such, was somewhat obvious.  Yet don't try to get too excited as, in camera can be misleading.

MIR has a great link describing this lens - here - MIR

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