Added on by John Sturr.

The Nex-7 has become my goto camera.  Partly because I bought it to do so - and so I've made it work - so I guess this is some kind of viscous circle where this is so surprise.  Ok -- that was a bit of a rat-hole… I digress.  

It's a great camera - and mated with some Nikon lenses - wow.  That became evident at the Air Show last weekend where I mounted (visions of Grumpy old Men, movie quotes) the 84mm AF f1.4 D - focusing was very easy.

I've also been a big fan of the 24mm Canon f2.8 SSC -- until recently.  On the long end "it ain't worth a crap" -- on the short end it's amazing - if you can get it in focus.  I don't know why but it's very difficult to confirm critical focus.  I'll probably dump it - and get the Nikon version.  The Nikon lenses

have this blackish - deep - contrastly look of which I've come to really like.  

So -- in two weeks I'm off to D.C.  And I'm going to take nothing but the 7 and a bag of lenses.  

Question being - which ones.