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All of these are with the kit lens in Intel. Auto. - with the exception of the Honor Guard in Arlington which was with a 30 year old 200mm f3.5 Vivtar. I like the lens for the reach, it just has some crazy purple fringing and I'm spoiled by even today's consumer lenses micro contrast which seem to out perform the older stuff.

I'm still getting used to the 7 - I mean, I wish it was a mini-D3s. The thumb dial is difficult to navigate and could be made more distinct and joy-stick like for setting selections. I'm puzzled about the lack of a firmware update. I wish shutter speed adjusted with the auto ASA in aperture priority.

I like how small it is and the flip screen. I wish it was touch focus etc. 

I shoot Intel. Auto just about all the time - unless I have the time to really set up a shot. Or if I'm using an adapted lens then I'm in manual. Since I'm really spoiled by AF I usually shoot the kit vs. an adapted lens - although every time I shoot my adapted 85mm f1.4 I love the results also - it's a viscous circle.

With this DC trip I brought a handful of lenses - 50mm f1.4, 200mm f3.5, 85mm f1.4d - and I've only used the 200mm for some reach at Arlington.  Nothing else was touched - hard for even me to beleive.

So I've come to realize that I really like having the adjustability of the kit lens - of going wide and going tele and having AF. You just have to work the constraints - and after all - this is a travel set up. I'm not shooting a job - and if so - then I'd be shooting the D3s.  With this minimal setup the is system very comfortable to carry - pull out - and shoot.

The dynamic range of this sensor is great - maybe twice that of the D3s - but the shutter speed has to always be twice that of the focal length to nail sharpness every time or else you are setting up for blur.

I always develop from raw - but also shoot JPG in case I want to tether to the ipad and transfer to post/email etc. My workflow is simple - LR4 - exposure, some clarity, and sharpening. If a preset can add some pop I'll use something from

The Nex solves the problem of a large sensor in a small body.  And from what I've seen it's one of the best.