Added on by John Sturr.

For me it is all about the sharpness - and I keep coming back to that. 

The lens which performs this task is the lens which keeps getting the attention. 

Nex-7 with the mounted Canon 24mm f2.8 SSC - I hate that it is manual focus.  In the wrong non contrasty light the thing is a pig - but get this in the zone at f4.0 and whoa… stellar.  24mm on a crop is 35mm field of view - so i get used to it.  I have to compose, second guess my focus, and then verify and re-verify and if I'm lucky what I wanted to shoot is still there.  If not -- then I'm feeling a bit empty and I move on.

Hi-Rez -- 24mp with a 40 year old lens - no crop - sharpening mask applied in LR 4