Added on by John Sturr.

Near the town of Hagerman, on the outs skirts there is a patch of land where the canyon is a backstop.  Only in the West - and here the locals pull out their "Long Rifles" on a Saturday evening.  The evening wear is modest - but the machined parts spare no expense as the European optics have difficult to pronounce names like Leupold and Swarovski, and the weapons have glass bedded polished stocks mated to the actions of Remington.

A matched pair of Black and Decker Workmate's are the shooter's benches, atop with weathered Outers rests - and the only hand polished part of the whole setup is the aluminum diamond cut elevation adjustment knob below the Outers logo.

Unspent cartridges sit in 4 x 5 green boxes of individual compartments bullet side up - spent sit empty side down.  These are hand loads - you can't buy these in the store.

After the shot, the left hand cups the ejection port to catch the spent round - it is placed back in the green box - a future re-load.

And the process repeats.