Dell 2408wpf and Calibrating

Added on by John Sturr.

The Mac Mini is up and running -- LRoom installed, presets found - but the monitor was giving me fits.  I'm tethered to a Dell 2408wfp which was one of the reasons I went to the Mini, as the iMac was just too integrated - so the Mini it was.

But I digress.  As this is about calibrating the Dell 2408wfp.

In some twisted stroke of luck - Datacolor - who makes the Spyder, of which I have the Elite 3, totally brought down their site for the next few weeks.  So -- I'm not able to install this piece of hardware on another machine - as I can't access their site and download the update.

I have no loyalty toward this company after this -- none, zero.

Scouring the net, most of the info relating to calibration of this Dell 2408, was from 2008.  Your guess is as good as mine as to why this time frame is so pivotal, yet anything more recent isn't apart of the front loaded search results.  Maybe Dell changed model numbers after 2008.

I first tried to calibrate, as best I could, using the Apple Monitor utility.  I did this multiple times - and I've gotten pretty good at it - but - the colors were still "off".  Muted colors, with no pop - and skin tones were, just wrong.

Here are my settings before running the Apple Monitor utility

Brightness @ 50
Contrast @ 100
RGB @ default
Hue @ default
Saturation @ default

Calibrate with Apple Monitor utility.

Gamma @ 2.2

*** this will give you a base line for adjustment ***

Whites, Blues and Greens will look great -- the screen will be very bright though.  These Dells are really bright.

The following is my final adjustment.

Brightness @ 20 (and can probably be brought down a few clicks more)
Contrast @ 75
Red @ 90
Green @ 90
Blue @ 96
Hue @ 46
Saturation @ 80

*** The last two adjustments of Hue and Saturation will dial in your skin tones.  ***

So -- I'm about 99% there.  I would like to have the skin tones just a bit more dynamic across all images -- there is too much variation - I'm hoping the Datacolor Spyder will dial that in.

But - if Datacolor went out of business - I would be perfectly happy with these settings.

On another note -- as the sign suggests - we did get Snow - about 5" so far.

1300 East 300 South, SLC UT

1300 East 300 South, SLC UT