Shared thru a Picture

Added on by John Sturr.

Some of my greatest pictures are the result of serendipitous events.  Events where things, "just happened".  And with this, there is always a back story to a picture.  And sometimes I find that more satisfying then the picture itself. 

Yet, when the two come together, the subject, and the picture - well - an emotion emerges.

I always take my gear to work - and if you follow me on the blog - well, that's the Nex, but that hardly matters - as this is not about gear.

Sometimes I'm shooting head shots for the firm - or there are times I have to take the train home, and I'm a romantic for a possible "Street Shot".

So I always have a camera with me - Iphone also.

Yesterday, while sitting at my desk - a co-worker approaches - "do you have your camera" - "Always" - "Roger is drawing out here, you should take a picture" - "Moving", I said.

I approached - and 16 feet below, in fact, Roger was drawing.  And I made a picture.

In my 6+ years -- I've never seen this before - on such a scale.  As our work is the such of Ants, locked in the screens of computers in the files of Acad, and Revit - were the work of the many make the whole - and the whole is usually 18-24 months out.  

And before me, in this scene, everything is big - and you know what - I was there to see it - and it can be shared, thru a picture.

Roger Jackson - FFKR Architects /

Roger Jackson - FFKR Architects /