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Challenges - never a dull moment when a job presents itself and you really don't know what Condition is.

Task - Condition - Standard.

Task - Photograph an Architectural Model
Condition - Unknown
Standard - Photographs of Commercial Quality

I packed the usual gear - all my lenses with the exception of the 80-200mm, flashes, stands, and of course
the tripod - but - I also included my black backdrop cotton muslin.

With the help of the modeling staff holding the muslin, I set up the tripod, sized up the scene with the
85mm AF f1.4 D and pretended I was a Giant.

Lighting was about perfect as the modeling shop was in a coverted garage - and with the garage door open, daylight flooded from the side.

Post was minimal - as with everything - I warmed it up a bit, brought up the blacks to add clarity, and
some sharpening.