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It's tough -- it's tough to be living in this age of incredible information, electronics, and automation.
And, it's tough when you have a crazy cool wish list - Mac Book Air's, Yaesu HT's, and camera companies
released a new Carrot every few months.

I already have the D3s - soon to be replaced by Nikon's D4, an announcement which should be out any day, yet I'm in the market for something a bit different.  Something smaller, as just today a colleague called the D3s Godzilla -- in a twisted way, I liked it.

So - what drives the need for smaller gear - portability - just that simple.  July I hauled 20lbs of gear
to Michigan only to be trumped by a missing battery - and I was crushed.  A useless exercise.

My options are this - a high end point and shoot - Canon S95, Nikon Cool Pics (insert model number here)
or a Panasonic LX5 - well - as good as these are, they just arn't good enough.  I want image quality and
performance very close to what I'm shooting now, and even that's just about impossible I may come close.

Micro 4/3's caught my attention - the Pen PL1, then the newer PL2 - oh wait -- what about the P-2 and then
last month's P-3... all good stuff as even outlined by Chase Jarvis' grip in this video.  

Panasonic's DMC-GF2 was my choice - with the 20mm f1.7 - But, to make the decisions even more muddied - Rumors developed about Sony's Nex-7.  A 24mp, APS-C, built in EVF with some external controls - Money.

It was announced yesterday - and I'm smitten.

The Mac Book Air can wait.