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I was fortunate enought to get "back-stage" to the installation of the Angel Moroni at the job site of the Brigham City Temple. FFKR is the project Architect and Big-D Construction is the General Contractor.

My day job as a draftsman at FFKR Architects affords me certain access to projects.

This isn't meant to be an advertisment, just some backstory into why I was at this event and allowed better than public access.

The event drew a crowd and of course I took my gear.  I mostly used the 80-200mm with a smattering of 17-35mm.  And the technical challenges were absent - other than the rain which moved in for a few hours.

On a side note - I complain about the price of Nikon's lenses upon puchase, because I'm sensitive to how much stuff costs - but upon use and viewing the final images I'm always really, really blown away and happy I made the economic sacrifice. 

If I can emphasise anything to a new and up-and-coming creative - buy the pro lenses - they will catapult you to a different level. 

And the only thing people see -- are your images, and nothing else.