Added on by John Sturr.

A few weeks ago Scott Bourne said on TWIP that if he's not getting paid then he's not shooting.  

Well I tend to disagre as I've come to love shooting - and sometimes that means shooting for free.

I attended the wedding of my good friend M.S. - we were at 2/75 Ranger together - and although he had hired a photographer for the event I made it clear I was going to be in the "shadows" taking picitures.
I have the gear which allows me to go beyond the typical point and shoot and the skills to operate it - and for a good friend I would have felt empty not to do so.

Although everything about this struggling business has been geared toward the business side - website, cards, and pricing etc - I still love the freedom of no deadlines and the liberation of non responsibile shooting.

When it's non paid I can be purely creative - I can fail - I can quit - I can take a break - I can keep shooting or I can stop...

So - I had a few choices to make as I was with my wife, meaning I really had to scale back my intensity.  For me that meant a body and a 80-200mm f2.8 af-s lens, no bag and no flash.  I was able to enjoy the moments with my wife and at the same time I could "snipe" photos from a distance.  The hired photographer was going to do the heavy lifting and I would just shoot what I wanted to shoot.

The ceremony was against the sun and we were seating in a fixed position so movement wasn't possible and I did gather some ghosting and flare as the the event progressed but the photo which wins is below.

Interestingly enough -- the chairs were seatcovered in white -- and it acted like a big reflector.  As the couple walked down the aisle - all the natural light filled in the shadows and made both "pop".